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We are met with a series of extenuating circumstances and emotional obstacles this week. By Saturday's Libra Full Moon, it is clear that we need to take a step.

I've not found it to bear out in horary as a conjunction or opposition, either. The late moderns used it that way, but in my own practice I am far from convinced. I personally find that antiscias in horary that are conjunct another planet gives a kind of overlay meaning to that planet. I have deleted the off topic comments and replies. For clarification, simply mentioning an outer planet doesn't violate the rules of this board. Please leave the moderating to the moderators and report posts rather than starting arguments that derail threads.

I wouldn't say antiscia points are similar to conjunctions, but I've seen where the antiscia was operative in perfecting a matter in horary. A couple years back, I did a horary on successfully completing a practicum. The significator for the querent was Jupiter in Virgo, but nothing about the chart looked positive save for the Sun in Aries exactly on the antiscia point of Jupiter.

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Sun wasn't the tenth house ruler, but I took the exalted Sun as "honours" and judged that the querent would be successful. This judgement was borne out and the current passed the practicum comfortably.

Understanding the North and South Nodes

In my personal natal, I have the antiscia points of Sagittarius and Capricorn operative. The planets involved are Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Uranus. There is sympathy in a way that is similar to what Odd described, but I wouldn't go as far to say that they are to be read as a conjunction. Last edited by conspiracy theorist; at PM. Originally Posted by conspiracy theorist. Originally Posted by Chrysalis. Last edited by petosiris; at PM. Tags antiscia , contraantiscia , natal Thread Tools. All times are GMT. The time now is AM. Contact Us - AstrologyWeekly. Boards' structure and all posts are property of AstrologyWeekly.

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Using antiscia and contra-antiscia in natal. Thread Tools. Chrysalis Senior Member. Find all posts by Chrysalis. Oddity Senior Member.

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Join Date: Jan Posts: 2, Find all posts by Oddity. Quote: Originally Posted by Oddity Traditionally it is not a conjunction. Find all posts by tsmall. Quote: Originally Posted by tsmall Contrantiscia IS a way to mitigate aversion, and there is a delineation for it. Join Date: Aug Location: a pit Posts: 14, Find all posts by conspiracy theorist.

Using Solstice Points in Synastry

Quote: Originally Posted by conspiracy theorist I wouldn't say antiscia points are similar to conjunctions, but I've seen where the antiscia was operative in perfecting a matter in horary. Join Date: Oct Posts: 2, However, Manilius's description differs from that of Firmicus because he uses the centre of Cancer and Capricorn as his reference points, linking the sign of Gemini to Leo, Taurus to Virgo, Aries to Libra, Pisces to Scorpio, and Aquarius to Sagittarius.

God got in me. Now this man looks slow. No fear! I walk right in and take my shots because I got God in my mind. But if I think about me…just me…. Then I go in like Norton and get scared. My God controls the universe. He was fighting a suppressed archetype, hardened into survival and fighting for the legitimacy of its existence.

Foreman was younger and stronger. In order to win, Ali had to withstand the punishment and wear him out.

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The Rope-a-Dope was his ultimate expression of defiance with corresponding transits that were a perfect, complimentary astrological signature. It was obvious early on that the people of Zaire favored Ali over Foreman. It may seem a bit arbitrary that a foreign country would favor one boxer over another, but by comparing all relevant charts to Zaire the harmonious and challenging aspects confirm this disposition.

Two different charts for Zaire [10] were used for this stage of the analysis. The most powerful piece of synchronicity is the angular [12] alignment of the Ascendant-Descendant axes between the charts of Zaire1 and the Fight chart. The degree match on this axis across both charts is almost exact. Specifically, the Ascendant for Zaire1 is conjunct the Descendant for the fight chart. The following contacts are listed by order of significance:. These harmonious contacts accurately correlate the archetypal dynamics to actual manifestation and accentuate the high degree of appeal between Ali and the people of country and people of Zaire.

Interestingly, these comparisons reflect similar themes for each fighter. They show that while Ali drew strength and inspiration from the location of their fight, Foreman was weakened. As the fight date drew near, an accident occurred that changed everything. While sparring with a partner, Foreman was cut above his eye. The injury was severe enough that the fight had to be delayed a month. Philosophically, many astrologers believe in some form of intelligent design because our work allows us to perceive the design behind circumstances casually referred to as coincidences.

And why? Did Ali represent something that required endorsement or validation at a scope that was much more extensive and unequivocal? But, that is exactly what may be speculated from the Ali-Foreman boxing match and by refuting the claims of arbitrariness this watershed event prompts an appeal for meaning holistically.

Solstice Points in Synastry

He had the rare opportunity to be selected as an archetypal figure head whose expression serves an evolutionary pre-requisite for the rest of us. While they may not make us legendary, they do give us destiny. Perceiving these destinies can grant a serenity and strength necessary to withstand the toughest blows that life may throw at us.

Antiscia are rarely used in natal astrology, but relied upon extensively in sports and horary astrology.

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  • The opposition to Foreman limited his ability to compete. As with all untimed charts, Zaire2 is set for noon. If nothing else, they show that Foreman would have to work much harder to achieve the same degree of inspiration and motivation that Ali was feeling. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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