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We are met with a series of extenuating circumstances and emotional obstacles this week. By Saturday's Libra Full Moon, it is clear that we need to take a step.

Our birth charts are geocentric, or Earth-centered. Upon analysis of the charts of people whom I knew as well as encountered closely including my own, I would tell about my understanding. Heliocentric charts talk about the incarnation of your soul. It should contribute to the survival of its avatar. The Earthly duty the soul should take part is told in your geocentric chart, a. Your geocentric birth chart tells your destiny on Earth, and your heliocentric birth chart tells about you.

For example, every human being is born with the fear of loud sounds and height. But those are not the only fears we end with. Similarly, heliocentric chart is like the inherent fear, while the geocentric chart is like the acquired fears.

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The inherent fears may link to the cause acquired fear, but they stand apart. The chart on the left is heliocentric while the one on the right is geocentric. Some of the differences include:. He would like to invest a lot of will into his social pursuit.

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Since the planet of self is positioned in the sign of others Libra is relationship-oriented , this person may be a good people pleaser and may have trouble asserting his own desires. However, his heliocentric Mars is in Scorpio. The willpower of his soul is stronger than his human form. He may have a soulful connection to his humanly actions, as his soul has a very persevering Mars. It is now in his hands to choose or utilize the option.

This would mean an ease of finding joy for oneself, and may have beautiful artistic talents. However, this aspect is not found in his geocentric chart , it could either train the soul to control its appetite for self joy, or it may drive him to teach himself to make himself happy. Once again, the choice is his. Upon understanding both, it will tell you a crucial information.

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It either has to learn on adapting to change or resistant to change. Until one day, punished with suffering for the results of wrong actions, we begin to wake up. Then we awaken from the dream of earth to the higher dream of the Sun. From wet matter, we emerge as a self-creative fire, child of the Stars, behaving like a Star in a constant creativity, projecting warmth, and light, and eternal reassurance that all is well.

As this mental and spiritual shift takes place, we forget the old perspectives and adopt higher views. We stop being centered on the earth. The earth is merely the receptive satellite of a higher and better life, the Sun. Likewise, the ego is merely the satellite of the soul, who sits quietly at the center, beaming forth love-light forever.

And just as people are so caught up with the daily nonsense of the earth that they rarely realize that the Sun is the main thing here, so they forget the fact that the soul is the origin of everything that they are and experience.

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As man grows, his sciences grow, his philosophies grow, everything expands to meet his measure. So must astrology grow, to encompass man's new discoveries and lend them meaning. Thus, this new astrology has come into being. It is heliocentric, that is, Sun-centered. It is galactic, that is, referring the zodiac to the center of our Galaxy. And it looks at the moment of conception, not the moment of birth, for conception is the true beginning of our career here on this plane.

senjouin-kikishiro.com/images/fasybaz/1036.php At the same time, this astrology is ancient, old as the stars, inspired by the wisdom found in Homer , in Plato , and in Plotinus. True astrology is a holy science, dealing with man's speculation about his life and destiny, his attempt to refer his experience to the universe which he perceives. Such a science deserves respect by all who view it without prejudice.

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Look at the picture above. Study this painting well, for it accurately illustrates the nature of Integrity. The demons are the unconscious world — chaotic, evil, howling with their self-inflicted disorder. But Michael is yourself , forever above the worldly tumult, wielding the sword of clarity to keep the chaos down. Integrating yourself with your origin, you find integrity. Going back to the bedrock of your being, you finally stop denying what you are. This morning-of-creation true-ness, this only-ness of being the truth that you cannot help being — this is integrity.

Did you think that you would shine with some other light than the one that is good? Did you imagine that it might be cool to be clever and evil? Perhaps you should reconsider these beliefs. The world teaches equality and forbearance toward everything.

It suggests that everyone should have an equal vote. It calls this system of thought, "democracy. But the necessary outcome of everything being equal is that evil will be equal with good, that evil people will have equal power with good people, and that evil's contemptible weakness will have artificial help to overcome the natural strength of righteousness.

And this is exactly what evil wants. So it taught you to throw away your aristocratic power, and to grovel in the dust as a democratic worm. Not so, you say? You think that you are not very beautiful? You believe that others are better than yourself?

Interpretation of Out of Bounds Planets

You say that you cannot possibly battle all the world, that you are not adequate to the task? Not only are you capable of being the strong arm of goodness itself, you are required to do so. Because — deep down — in your heart of hearts where no one else ever sees — you know that anything else is unhappy. Being less than beautiful is — well, ugly. And no one wants to be that. Except for demons. Demons are beings who have fallen into ugliness, into meanness and weakness and every vice.

Not only that, but they desire to do so. Not only that, but they are proud of their weakness. In addition, they think it is cute to walk down the street, giggling, letting everyone hear how powerful they are in their group profanity. Does this sound like someone you know? Your neighbor, perhaps? Someone closer? Somebody right at hand? And this realization, indeed, is the solution — there is no truth but truth, and courage is his prophet.

There is no nobility but the one chosen as an act of free will, simply for the sheer beauty of it. There is no advantage in anything, for all things dissolve again into the dream. But the quality of your life, the beauty of your actions, the nobility of your good and magnanimous heart — these alone remain, for they are immortal, mirroring the eternal beauty on the level of your life.

These are the substance of integrity. How do you begin? Know thyself, O wandering one. Be serious about your life. End your involvements with evil people.