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We are met with a series of extenuating circumstances and emotional obstacles this week. By Saturday's Libra Full Moon, it is clear that we need to take a step.

Register Free. Libra, introduce something new in your daily routine to add a little variety and excitement in your life.

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When you feel that it is hard to get up every morning, it means that you are lacking in inspiration. Team up with your partner so both of you are aligned. Get creative and think outside the box. This can have a domino effect in all areas of your life. Do something now and see the fruits of your labor soon, Libra.

Today Libra Love Horoscope

Single Libra, it is a normal feeling to be uncertain where your love life is headed at the initial stages. If this goes on, perhaps you need to rethink your objectives. Tune in to your intuition and listen carefully to your inner voice. The heart knows what it beats for.

Tuesday, October 8, 12222

Be patient as you try to get more clarity. It is not advisable to commit to a long-term relationship at this point. Get the app: Android iPhone. Open in App.

Today's Libra Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

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trucinfranexho.gq What's Your Sign? Libra Daily Horoscope. After just a few more hours of thinking of this person as impulsive, impetuous and totally irresponsible, you'll be afforded with the chance to see them in an entirely different light.

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Ready or not, here comes a side of them you'd have bet didn't exist: a responsible, respectable and diligent streak. Sure, it's a surprise, but hey -- haven't you sprung a few surprises on more than one or two people in your time here on Planet Number Three?

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